The 校董会 presents up to two awards each year to students who are currently enrolled at 肖尼 State University and are participants in 奖学金庆祝活动. The award is for outstanding research that is investigative, 基于项目的, 基于探究的, 思想开放和/或探索.


To be considered for the 受托人”奖 students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be nominated by their mentor for the award.
  • Must be a currently enrolled student at 肖尼 State University.
  • Must give a 15-minute presentation during the 受托人”奖 session at 奖学金庆祝活动.

If there are at least three undergraduate students and three graduate students presenting in the 受托人”奖 Session there will be two $1000 awards given, one for the winning undergraduate student presentation, and one for the winning graduate student presentation. If there are less than three undergraduate students or less than three graduate students presenting only one award will be given.

The recipient(s) of this award will receive a scholarship of $1000 applied to their student account. This amount may be refunded to the student in the event all of their tuition and fees are paid. If a group receives an award, the money will be divided evenly between all of the group members.


Nominations are due at 11:59pm on March 22, 2023 and should be sent to Marie Richey: