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Fulfilling the criteria for admission into a health sciences program does not automatically guarantee entrance into the program.

Since the number of candidates who meet the minimal criteria for admission generally far exceeds the number of vacancies, each program ranks the candidates using selected criteria in addition to the minimal admission requirements.

例如, 其他标准可能包括, 但并不限于, high school and/or college grade point average; completion of additional coursework in college level biology, 数学, and chemistry; work experience; and autobiographies.

You may obtain information about the criteria used for the ranking of applicants by contacting the department chairperson, 秘书, 或者健康科学代表.



Some health science programs utilize hospital clinical sites for the completion of their requirements for graduation. These affiliating hospitals have the right to accept or reject a student, which could result in your being delayed in a program or unable to complete the requirements for graduation. If you have a conviction record for certain classes of misdemeanors or any felony, you may be ineligible for licensure in specific health occupations. Also, the affiliating hospitals have the right to reject students due to a criminal record.


The majority of all health science classes are scheduled between 8:00 a.m. 下午5点.m. 然而, you need to know that it may be necessary to schedule your required classes in English, 自然科学, and humanities during the evening hours as the required clinical and laboratory times in the health science courses involve many hours during the 8:00 to 5:00 day schedules.


学生 in health science programs are not permitted to take courses on a pass/no-credit basis. This applies to courses taken in preparation for admission to the health science programs as well as courses taken after admission to a program. 可以选修非学分课程, but only with the prior permission of the health science department's chairperson.


Each of the programs within the Department of Health Sciences has set minimum academic and clinical performance standards which permit a student to continue in that program. Failure to meet these minimum performance standards will result in dismissal from the program.

信息rmation concerning these performance standards is available in the student handbook for the individual program or from the office of the program’s chairperson.


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