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Dr. Napper is a physical chemist who teaches both freshman level chemistry courses (CHEM1121/1141/1142), 分析化学(CHEM3323/3325), and the senior level physical chemistry sequence (CHEM4431/4432).

Prof. Napper's research has spanned the fields of computational chemistry, 激光光谱学, 发酵科学. He served as department chair for 自然科学 from 2012 – 2018, 短暂地被任命为代理艺术院长 & 2015 - 2016学年理科课程. He has held several positions with the Central Ohio American Chemical Society, 包括主席和秘书.

在他的休息时间,博士. Napper enjoys reading, star-trek, and brewing the occasional batch of beer.


1. CdSe量子点光伏电池的构建

CdSe quantum dots of various sizes were prepared using a previously published procedure. These quantum dots were physisorbed onto a nanocrystalline rutile TiO₂ layer and a photovoltaic cell was constructed using two layers of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) doped glass, 一种石墨电极制造技术, I₂/I₃(电解质). iV (current-voltage) curves were measured and used to calculate efficiency.

不同长度的烷烃硫醇, ω终止于COOH官能团, were used to covalently attach the quantum dots to the TiO₂ layer. 并与物理吸附体系进行了效率比较.









2. Analysis of Banknotes for Cocaine Using Single-Ion-Mode (SIM) Gas-Chromatograph/Mass-Spectrometry (GC/MS)

从5美元中提取了可卡因, $10, 以及使用稀释盐酸的20美元钞票, 其次是稀释的NH₃. The cocaine was concentrated using a C-18 solid phase extraction column, 然后用甲醇洗脱. Injection of a 1 µL sample into a GC-MS allowed for identification of cocaine. 建立标准曲线后, it was possible to determine how much cocaine was present on each bank note. Amounts ranging from nanograms (10⁻⁹ g) to micrograms (10⁻⁶ g) were detected on each note.



3. Construction of a Diode-Laser Light-Scattering Spectrometer and the Determination of Kinetic Parameters of Colloidal Sulfur Formation

A diode-laser light scattering spectrometer was constructed using a previously published procedure. Colloidal sulfur was generated using the reaction between dilute HCl and Na₂S₂O₃, and the kinetics of sulfur formation was generated by measuring scattered laser light intensity vs. time.






4. High-Resolution Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Polyatomic Gases

HCl(g), HBr(g), HI(g), H和C₂₂(g), 还有同位素DCl, DBr, DI, 和C₂D₂在IR气体池中生成并收集. 高分辨率(0.5cm(¹)采集FTIR光谱, and rotational-vibrational (ro-vib) parameters were calculated by analysis of the P-(Q)-R branches of the ro-vib spectra.

5. Fusel Alcohol Concentration as a Function of Fermentation Temperature Monitored Using GC/MS

Fermentation of sugars at elevated temperatures leads to generation of undesirable fusel alcohols. These fusel alcohols contribute to an off-taste of distilled spirits, 还会导致宿醉. This project investigated the fermentation of glucose using brewers yeast (酿酒酵母)在不同的温度和发酵时间. 杂醇醇的浓度:1-丙醇, 1-butanol, and 1-pentanol were determined by injection of 1 µL samples into a GC/MS, 并使用内部标准进行分析.



  • Chairperson, Department of 自然科学: May 2012 – May 2018
  • 艺术学院代理院长 & 科学:2015年9月- 2016年6月
  • 科学博览会评委,2001年至今
  • 2016 - 2017年AQIP 2类团队成员
  • 学术上诉委员会,2012 - 2018年
  • 教务战略规划委员会,2016
  • 安全 & 安全委员会,2014 - 2016年
  • 持续改进 & 任务委员会,2013 - 2015年
  • 大学技术咨询委员会,2004 - 2011年
  • Co-chair, Ohio Department of Higher 教育, Transfer Pathways in Math & 科学,2017 - 2018
  • 当选主席(2013年), 椅子(2014), 前任主席(2015), 秘书(2016 - 2017), 俄亥俄中谷美国化学学会


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