ITS establishes hardware 而且 software st而且ards for academic 而且 administrative departments based on current technology available 而且 the common need of campus users. ITS adheres to these st而且ards to maintain a reliable 而且 efficient computing environment for all users on the SSU network. The primary considerations for hardware 而且 software st而且ards are:

  • 优化ITS可以提供的支持级别
  • Manage the cost of acquisition, refresh 而且 support of technology
  • Improve service via group policy management (automatic deployment)
  • Ensure network compatibility for upgrades 而且 security


提供了两套标准- 新的最低采购硬件标准 而且 最低硬件标准.

When a new computer is purchased the hardware specifications of the new computer must meet or exceed the 新的最低采购硬件标准 listed below. The st而且ard computer listed on ITS website will always meet the required specifications.

The current 最低硬件标准 are provided to represent the minimum requirements to support the efficient running of Windows 7 64位 operating system.

最低硬件标准 新的最低采购硬件标准
Windows操作系统64位 Windows操作系统7 64位
P4处理器 Intel®酷睿™i3-41600处理器(3.6 GHz)
4 gb ram 8gb内存
500gb硬盘 500gb硬盘或256gb SSD硬盘
最低硬件标准 新的最低采购硬件标准
OS 10.X或以上版本 OS 10.X或以上版本
2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo 3.2 GHz英特尔酷睿双核
4 gb ram 8gb内存
500gb硬盘 500gb硬盘或256gb SSD硬盘

These st而且ards do not depict the machine's ability to solely operate on the network, rather these st而且ards are intended to ensure all systems are able to adequately make use of the campus network resources 而且 can perform at the level of service that the campus community expects. 另外, these st而且ards ensure that all systems are capable of running the st而且ard campus software items such as anti-virus, 当前的Windows操作系统, 所有操作系统更新, 目前的办公套件, 等., 而且 can accept updates as they are released by the vendor.

ITS will work with the departments to identify 而且 provide guidance on replacing any computers that do not meet the provided minimum hardware st而且ards. 在更换, old machines will be removed 而且 provisioned for removal as a University-owned asset.


The current st而且ard operating system installed on campus computers is Windows 7 64位. Underst而且ing needs of individual departments vary; Windows 7 32-bit is also installed on computers in specific administrative areas, to remain compatible with other vendor software requirements.

If a computer has an earlier version of Windows OS (i.e. Windows XP)已安装,请提交电子邮件至 因此ITS可以讨论有关计算机的选项.


All computers that are installed by ITS technicians will be delivered with a st而且ard set of software.

Windows 7 64位 Microsoft Office(当前版本)
汽车 菲斯
Internet Explorer(当前支持的版本) 赛门铁克杀毒软件
Adobe Reader Adobe Flash
Quicktime Adobe冲击波
Windows 7 64位 Microsoft Office(当前版本)
Internet Explorer(当前支持的版本) 鱼翅
Adobe Reader Adobe Flash
Adobe冲击波 Adobe Air
微软的Silverlight 谷歌Chrome
Mozilla Firefox 歌剧
Java 赛门铁克杀毒软件
Quicktime 亚历克斯插件
LabStats TestGen插件


Administrative 而且 academic areas will have the need for additional software to be installed on computers for work 而且 academic instruction, 超出标准软件安装. ITS will test 而且 install any requested software needed by the department. The software installed must be University-owned 而且 properly licensed. The department will be responsible for maintaining the license information provided by the vendor.

用户应向 请求安装软件. ITS staff will work in a timely manner to test 而且 install the software.


ITS工作人员将支持所有软件, 标准和附加软件, 安装在ITS管理的计算机上. 在某些情况下, a ITS Technician may need to work with the primary user on campus to resolve the problem. This collaborative effort will ensure the software functions as expected.

ITS manages upgrades 而且 updates for all st而且ard software, 例如Windows和反病毒更新, on a regular basis with no actions required by the end user (exception is a possible restart of the computer). If an upgrade to st而且ard software is required that cannot be performed automatically, ITS will create a project 而且 work directly with departments/users to ensure the upgrade is completed to satisfaction.

If software that is not included in the st而且ard software category needs to be upgraded/updated, the department/user who initially requested the software installation will submit an email to 包含有关升级/更新的详细信息. It is best to upgrade software in academic labs between semesters based on the limited availability of academic labs during the semester.